Our financing structure ensures all the devices needed for a successful implementation of the CCTV installation is made available to you. You do not have to procure all from us however you need to have all for us to sign off a successful installation and implementation.

  • CCTV Camera

The CCTV camera is the most important device of any CCTV installation, it’s your eyes when you are not there.

Brands of Cameras.

o Hidden cameras      

o Dome cameras

o Bullet cameras

o PTZ cameras  

  • Constant Power

In order for a CCTV to work effectively, there must be 24 hours power supply. In addition to our service of providing the CCTV, we ensure you have 24 hours electricity to power it. After all, of what usefulness is our installation if you can’t use the CCTV.

    • Constant Internet

    We power new generation CCTV installations using IP(Internet Protocol) cameras, you must be able to see the footage whether you are within your property or not. We ensure you have 247 internet access to view your property.

    • Mobile Phone

    You must be able to view your footage irrespective of your location, is it an iphone or an Android phone, we facilitate the procurement.